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 The audio sessions developed by Brain Uploads are based on decades of solid scientific research. Different sound filters combined with complex modulations are applied to the frequencies to create effective  brain     stimulation.   For a maximum effectiveness, most of our sessions are made of  different frequencies combinations     and multiple Isochronic tones. Isochronic tones are single tones that come on and off at regular intervals. This interval is typically brief and will create  a rhythmic pulse. When exposed to a specific pulse or set of pulses, your brain  will     experience changes in mood and cognitive capacities.

What are frequencies :

Certain frequencies of brain waves are inhibitory, whilst others are excitatory. This means that the stimulation of certain wave ranges may be responsible for characteristics associated with over-arousal (e.g.  hyperactivity and feelings of agitation), whilst others lead to features of under-arousal (e.g. poor concentration, dizziness, and day-dreaming).

Delta Waves

0HZ-4HZ : Decreased awareness of the physical world. Access to unconscious information. extraordinary states of consciousness, high states of meditation, high-level inspiration states, spiritual insight, suspended animation, Anti-aging. reduced amounts of cortisol,. Increases the levels of DHEA (anti-aging) & melatonin (decreases aging process),s intuition, contributes to personal growth, trauma recovery, “one with the universe” experiences, Sedative effects, pain relief.

Highlighted frequencies:

0.5HZ: Reduces amount of cortisol, provides intuition, sleep state, deep meditative state.

1HZ: Growth hormone stimulation, deep relaxation, meditative state, deep sleep, rejuvenating effects.

1.05HZ: Recovery, muscle growth, sleep state.

2.5HZ: Fights insomnia, deep relaxation, pain relief.

3.5HZ: Enhanced receptivity, deep meditation, stimulates memory retention, can reduce anxiety..

Theta Waves

4HZ-8HZ : reduce muscle tension headaches, vivid past memory, Sound sleep, helps with depression & anxiety, Whole-being regeneration, Creativity, intuition, daydreaming, feelings of “oneness”.

Highlighted frequencies:

4HZ: Intuition, creativity, deep meditation.

5HZ: Reduced need for sleep, problem solving, deep relaxation, reduces fear, memory stimulation.

6.5HZ: reduced anxiety, reduced anger.

7HZ: Emotional healing, visualization, Zen meditation.

7.5HZ: Helps with addiction, mind clarity.

7.83HZ: Improved stress tolerance, recovery, body repair, rejuvenating effects, sleep induction.

Alpha Waves

8HZ-12HZ : States between wakefulness and sleep. Knowledge processing, inner guidance, intuition, creative visualization, reduced fear, creative thought, improved stress tolerance , rejuvenation effects, visualization,  stress reduction, alertness, body healing, well-being, focus when studying.

Highlighted frequencies:

8HZ: Inner awareness, reduces anxiety, emotional balance, energizer, relaxing.

8.6HZ: Sleep induction.

10HZ: Analgesic effects, increase in beta-endorphins, feeling of well being, against headaches, improvement in memory.

10.5HZ: stimulates immunity, contemplation, body healing.

11HZ: Alert and relaxed.

Beta Waves

12HZ-40HZ : Alertness, focus, energizer, relaxed/focus state, focus for complex tasks, intelligence enhancement, memory enhancement, concentration, problem solving, critical thinking, writing, reading, and socialization.

Highlighted frequencies:


Gamma Waves

40HZ-100 : information processing, endorphin release, stimulates Beta Endorphins, learning new material, can lead to relaxed/focus mind states.

Supportive science

Five kinds of brainwaves

Learn about the different kinds of brainwaves and how they affect your mental state.

The Clinical Guide to Sound and Light By Thomas Budzynski, Ph. D. (Stanford University).

One of the most important reports to read to understand the intrinsic value of brainwaves entrainment and its different potential applications.

Psychological effects of brain wave entrainment.
A detailed report on a study conducted in 2015 about the effects on cognition and mood states.

Impact of brainwaves entrainment in verbal memory.

A report about a study conducted in Spain showing auditory stimulation at 5HZ increased the capacity of immediate verbal memory.

How the brain reacts to Binaural beats

From a study conducted on Japan in 2006 about the effects of Binaural beats on cerebral cortex.

Investigations in Neuromodulation, Neurofeedback and Applied Neuroscience.

A review about how better cognitive performance is associated to certain alpha  frequencies.

EEG coherence effects of audio-visual stimulation (AVS).

An article about a study suggesting that long-term AVS therapies may activate the mechanisms of neuronal plasticity to reorganize functional linkage to the brain.

The application of audio-stimulation and electromyographic biofeedback to Bruxism and myofascial pain dysfunction syndrom.

How auditory stimulation and electromyographic biofeedback were successful results in the treatment of the pathology cited above.

Brainwaves stimulation and IQ.

A study about How brainwave entrainment has a strong effect on IQ. 

A brief history of brainwave entrainment

An article about the history of brainwave entrainment with research related links



Yassine Darkaoui (CTO/Founder) is an entrepreneur who holds on two sailing world records and has a background in applied science and programing which provided a scientific approach to all his projects and specifically Brain Uploads.

Being passionate about psychology, for the last two decades, he had his practical sight in finding easy and practical solutions to solve a broad range of emotional issues as well as enhancing cognitive performance.

Self-development knowledge and years of practice came from the aim to help others by creating optimistic and effective ways to solve life challenges and achieve any goal.

Donatas Certovskich (CEO/Founder), a Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach and Health & Nutrition Coach with a professional background in detox, food & beverage consulting, plant-based nutrition and education.

This provided a solid foundation for the development of wellness practice and personal development programs. Being deeply passionate about, healthy living, psychology, human development and synchronisation to nature’s circadian rhythms have inspired Donatas to dedicate his life to improving and elevating people to unveil their true potential.

The purpose is to be able to express the best versions of yourself whilst living a wholesome lifestyle in synergy with the environment.

The turning point

Brain Uploads is the culmination of the path of two individuals with very unique skills acquired from their individual colorful life journeys. Their mutual interest in holistic life styles has given them the skills to transform their own lives and help others in turn. Master your inner potential, achieve your goals and become the architect of your life while living an example to naturally inspire others to be their best.

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