Our network of affiliated professionals was carefully selected to match with our core values: credible, holistic lifestyle and practical. Looking for specific guidance? Below you will find certified coaches and therapists ranging from business to fitness to wellness and beyond. They do not work for us but we have hand-selected individuals that are ready to connect you with directly, if you so choose, and they offer a high-level of service and support with a friendly attitude.

Mental health counselor/Life coach

Dorothy Firman is doctor in education a mental health counselor, psychosynthesis trainer, and life coach. Didi is also the author and editor of many books, including, most recently, The Call of Self. She has worked in the field for over 40 years.  Dr. Firman offers individual coaching; self-created independent study in psychosynthesis, and a series of short webinars on What Matters, with a focus on themes for growth and well being.

Find Dorothy at www.dorothyfirman.com

      Body and Mind coach/Performance coach

With his extended experience working with international clients, young professionals, athletes, and corporate organizations in over 20 countries, Dris offers a unique opportunity to learn what it takes to become the best.  Dris’s coaching framework is multidisciplinary and scientific. Based on a solid psychological foundation, Dris combines techniques from sports psychology, positive psychology, NLP, and social and emotional intelligence. Find Dris at https://www.thebodyandmindcoach.com

Life coach/Creative art facilitator

Karen Herold is a Psychosynthesis Life Coach who focuses on the opportunity presented during significant Life Transitions.  She is also an  Energy Psychologist, Creative Arts Facilitator, college professor and recovering CPA.  Karen empowers and encourages her clients to embrace Transition as an Invitation as they envision, create and manifest their next stage in life as one that is filled with Purpose, Meaning, Value…and Joy.
Find Karen at www.wisetransition.com

Business coach/Startups coach

Nathan Roberts is dedicated to the realization of remarkable. His greatest passion lies in identifying the deepest potential within people and helping it to grow and thrive. After starting his first business at ten his journey has taken him on some awesome adventures from working in prisons inspiring youth to speaking engagements to thousands, being recognized as one of South Africa’s Brightest Young Minds, featured in books, as well as winning numerous Entrepreneurship awards.

Find Nathan at  https://ikasiyouth.org

Yassine Darkaoui (CTO/Founder) is an entrepreneur who holds on two sailing world records and has a background in applied science and programing which provided a scientific approach to all his projects and specifically Brain Uploads.

Being passionate about psychology, for the last two decades, he had his practical sight in finding easy and practical solutions to solve a broad range of emotional issues as well as enhancing cognitive performance.

Self-development knowledge and years of practice came from the aim to help others by creating optimistic and effective ways to solve life challenges and achieve any goal.

Donatas Certovskich (CEO/Founder), a Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach and Health & Nutrition Coach with a professional background in detox, food & beverage consulting, plant-based nutrition and education.

This provided a solid foundation for the development of wellness practice and personal development programs. Being deeply passionate about, healthy living, psychology, human development and synchronisation to nature’s circadian rhythms have inspired Donatas to dedicate his life to improving and elevating people to unveil their true potential.

The purpose is to be able to express the best versions of yourself whilst living a wholesome lifestyle in synergy with the environment.

The turning point

Brain Uploads is the culmination of the path of two individuals with very unique skills acquired from their individual colorful life journeys. Their mutual interest in holistic life styles has given them the skills to transform their own lives and help others in turn. Master your inner potential, achieve your goals and become the architect of your life while living an example to naturally inspire others to be their best.

Yassine Darkaoui

Donatas Certovskich

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